When I chose to be straight.

I came across this video last night. Coincidentally, I had just recently been contemplating the very topic.

I chose to be straight soon after I first began to feel the stirrings of erotic attraction, and every day since.

I have only my own experience to go on, but I don’t understand how anyone can say that they were born only able to love one sex, or even feel attraction to only one sex. How can anyone believe that biology determines something so intangible as feelings? Are we not humans, with reason and the ability to master our animalistic passions?

I don’t have any problem imagining having a relationship with either sex. I can only assume that those who find the idea of a relationship with one sex or the other are victims of blindly accepting the defaults, societal programming, or trauma. Please don’t be offended.

I chose to be straight. I choose to be straight. It’s a lot simpler that way. And I believe that God intends us to be heterosexual and desires that we choose to obey His will in this, as in all things. God blessed Man with reason, and the ability to choose, to control his desires and master himself.

I am married and have five kids. I love and desire my wife. I have never dabbled in homosexuality, and why would I? I don’t need to experiment with behaviors in order to reject them and choose a less deviant alternative.

So when you tell me that you didn’t choose to be straight, or didn’t choose to be gay, on the inside I scoff because, to my mind, of course you did. We all make those choices.

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