Evanescence and the Golem

Okay, so this one goes back a few years, but it was on the radio as I was driving home tonight so I got to thinking about it once more.

“It” being the song Bring Me To Life by Evanescence.

(All italicized text following is taken from the lyrics.)

On one level, sure, it’s about someone who has become so numb, dead inside, reaching out to someone who offers a chance to change and pleading with that one to deliver, not wanting to go back now that I know what I’m without.

The singer expresses all of this by telling a golem story. The song is from the point of view of a self-aware golem, a creation of mud and clay. It feels cold and empty (there’s nothing inside), recognizes that something is missing (without a soul), and begs Divinity to name it (call my name), to breathe into me and make me real. The golem longs for its creator to enscribe the its name on its heart, “emet” (the Hebrew word for “truth”) in the clay of its forehead, and then breathe the divine breath upon it, bringing it to life.

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