and you thought I read a lot into Twilight!

This analysis is completely delicious!

If we stop looking for meaning when we acknowledge the superficial Mary Sue story contained in Twilight, we will miss the particular twist that Meyer gives her version: the deeper spiritual transformation and apotheosis aspects, the God-Man Everyman Drama. It is not enough for Bella to be transformed into a god-like vampire with superpowers that enable her to stop a vampire war before it starts. That was merely a pit stop on the way to Bella’s true moment of glory: when she achieves complete unity with her mate for the first time.

Earlier in the book we read of Bella enjoying the delights of sexual intimacy with her husband, but this was not the union that the books moved towards, either. The climactic unity is essentially cerebral rather than sexual, a blending of minds between wife and husband. Breaking Dawn is not only a Hero’s Journey to god-like Mormon-ish Vampire, but also an apotheosis to exemplary Mormon Wife. If we are to interpret Meyer’s novel as a Mary Sue composition, it must be recognized that Meyer’s heroine has found only partial fulfillment firstly as inaugural vampire mother and secondly as supreme vampire shield-protector; but she finds complete fulfillment as a wife who is fully united, of one mind, with her husband.

Sharon Slade Jackson: The Final Meadow Scene of ‘Breaking Dawn 2? Departs From and Resonates With Last Book’s Ending

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3 Responses to and you thought I read a lot into Twilight!

  1. Alan says:

    I have heard the Volturi are villains, but the film ‘cops out’ of a proper resolution, for they are, after all, Christian. Variously described as like the Illuminati or nasty vicars. Do you have a p.o.v on this group of religionist enforcers?

    • Father says:

      The Volturi are an expression of the LDS view of the Catholic Church, which Joseph Smith said had quickly fallen into apostacy. In the Mormon view, they are decrepit parasites clinging to power long past their time.

  2. Alan says:

    I see. I must remember not to open the door to Utah missionaries, then.

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