all my friends are heathens

The song, “Heathens”, by twenty one pilots, is nearly ubiquitous on the radio at the moment. The opening of the song makes me laugh a little inside each time.

All my friends are heathens, take it slow…

Just about all of my friends are heathens. It just worked out that way. Most of them know that I’m Catholic, but it’s not something that we ever talk about.

I was interested to see, when I looked up the above link, that the lead singer and songwriter of the band is Christian, and that this layer of the song is intentional.

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  1. Dante says:

    Is Tyler Joseph Catholic or “Christian”. Is there a difference since Vatican II? Is it any wonder why all his friends are now “heathens’? Post Vatican II Catholics (50+ years later) are now thoroughly “protestantized” (hence the term Catholic is being eradicated and replaced by “christian’) as a result of Vatican II and are now entering the next phase of religious evolution (indoctrination) toward a One World syncretic Faith.

    God Bless

    • Father says:

      I doubt he’s Catholic, but we can always hope.

      I think that the Church should always be open and alert to seeing God acting in other ecclesiastical communities and faith traditions, and adopting what is good. There are some annoying borrowings from Protestantism — like people doing the Orans posture during the Lord’s Prayer — but there have also been good things, like the Counter-Reformation and the Catholic Charismatic Movement. Were those things already within the Church? Yes. Would they have happened without Protestantism? No doubt. The Protestant Divorce isn’t going to be healed by denying that our separated brethren still hit upon Truth from time to time, though.

      I don’t think that the term “Catholic” is being replaced by “christian” — at least not for Catholics. We’re still hoping to bring about a One World Faith by bringing the Protestants back into the fold and converting the world.

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