Mission Statement

It’s easy to tear down what is popular — to be elitist, a snob. It’s harder, and more worthwhile, to find something meaningful in it. And it’s not a waste of time do so; it ennobles one to search it out.

All art points to the divine. Even popular art. Even commercial art. Even art that tries its damnedest to do the opposite. This is the nature of art.

Eliade wrote that popular entertainments serve a mythic or religious function in a secular culture.

If the masses are going to eat this stuff up then I’m going to find deeper meaning in it, whether by exegesis or eisegesis, and then blow their minds.

4 Responses to Mission Statement

  1. John Granger says:

    The Eliade Thesis! I hope we can correspond because we seem to share a mission…


  2. I love this mission statement. I’m inspired. My tendency is to assume that if it’s poplar, it must be bad. I’m going to approach future reading in the way you describe. Thank you.

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